Oh my God! Look at that giant baby!

You know what? I feel like fucking “blogging” right now…I’m semi-drunk, watching my carnivorous roommate cook a fucking pork chop right now. ITS FUCKING 1:00 IN THE MORNING.  Got damn….Its nasty…real nasty.  Also, I just discovered that my so called $4 a fucking package “vegan” cheese is NOT FUCKING VEGAN.  What a waste of money and how much of a joke is my little vegan diet… lezbehonest… it’s a joke.  I ate fish tonight and I don’t even feel bad.  Just writing that I realize how fucking weird/pathetic the whole situation is.  So as the pork chop cooks and I recognize the completely pathetic nature of my entirety, I just sit here, and let it happen.  Being in your mid-twenties is a whole lot of just “letting it happen” and the “it” that I stated is a whoooolle lot of BULLSHIT.  Bullshit being current/future careers, bi-sexuality (we’ll get more into that one later on), veganism, people awkwardly playing guitars and singing in the middle of a party, etc, etc.  You know what I’m saying.  Ya’ll…I’m out.

Peace jiggas.



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