8 Experiences at the University of Memphis that I am still pissed about

8. Parking at the U of M. Watching someone try to find a parking spot for a 9:10 class on the first day of class is a prime example of animalistic behavior.

7. Fuck those bullshit tickets  you get when you can’t find a parking spot. I’m not saying I approve, but it is definitely impressive how creative drivers get when there is no parking spots to be found…and then they get a ticket for it. Fuck you! If I want to park on the grass, I will! There is a special place in hell for people that give out tickets. Especially ones that put a hold on your transcript!

6.That is one spiteful-ass train. Let’s be honest. That train only runs when you are running late for class. If you are running late for a test, it will be twice as
long and potentially stop on the tracks. This picture makes me cringe just thinking about it.






5. Get the fuck out of my way…I just want a chicken sandwich. Who has time to just stand around at the University Center? You aren’t doing it right. By “it,” I mean life.UC









4. To hell with those stairs outside the theater building.steps









3. Freshman, get your shit together. No one cares about senior prom or frat parties. Go ahead and detach from your mama’s tit. You can speak to me like an equal once your resume is comparable to mine…that might be awhile.

2. Still love you D. Rose 😉 You are still a Memphis Tiger even if it was only one year…that had serious repercussions. If you have to ask what those repercussions are, get the fuck off my page. You know what? If you don’t know what the initials CDR stand for, get the fuck off my page. Bleed blue.

1. Die Coach Cal. If you feel the need to explain to me that I should not blame Coach Cal for leaving, get the fuck off my page. Bleed blue.coach cal



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