Who the fuck writes a blog?

Who actually starts a blog?  Someone who seriously believes that people care to read their cynical thoughts and opinions on the politics, relationships and the bullshit of everyday life that people genuinely believe matters?  Or perhaps a twenty something, lost in the drone of the day to day frustrations of “who the fuck am I and what the fuck will I do with my life?”, well we’ve all been there…and who really cares.  The truth is that no one gives two shits to hear your “knowledgable” opinions on the world, and no one likes THAT girl wearing yoga pants, drinking wine and starting her own blog just because she fucking can…but you know what?  That typical girl watching ‘New Girl’ and getting drunk by herself…that’s me.  I can recognize the hilarity of the consistent bullshit that comes along with the ”quarter-life crisis” known as being a twenty something, and thus that is what this ‘blog’ will consist of- the humility, embarrassment, drunken-ness, semi-professionalism that is a twenty something.



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